Art ovation hotel
Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL

Artful Hospitality in Downtown Sarasota

The 162-room boutique hotel on Palm Avenue includes a state-of-the-art restaurant, rooftop bar and pool deck, a bar/lounge, and ballroom event space.

The recent addition of the Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota completes the process of providing a walkable downtown experience along Palm Avenue within the cultural district anchored by the Sarasota Opera and Florida Studio Theatre. Conceived as a companion piece to the Palm Avenue Parking Garage, both projects have been designed by Jonathan Parks AIA to activate the street and extend Palm Avenue from Main Street to Cocoanut Ave.

The goal was to successfully address the public streetscape in a similar way by reducing density and height. This was a conscious decision by the architect in order to fit within the existing scale of the downtown Sarasota Cultural District. The form of the buildings align with Palm Avenue and then curve north along Cocoanut. This design gesture connects these two main cross streets as one urban form and is unlike any other intersection in downtown Sarasota.

Other notable design features include: the free form Sky Bridge connecting the new Hotel to the existing Palm Avenue Parking Garage; large setbacks that bring the urban form of the building mass back from the street creating wide and usable sidewalks; the addition of curving shade/rain canopies along both Palm Avenue and Cocoanut to protect pedestrians and sidewalk café dining; the floating entry valet canopy along Cocoanut cantilevered over the roadway and sidewalk providing additional protection and a sense of arrival; the curving Hotel lobby space that follows the design gesture of the building facade connecting Palm Avenue and Cocoanut; and the rescaling of the Hotel massing along the intersection of Coconut and Second Street in order to align the existing two-story neighboring structures.

The Art Ovation Hotel is a unique project that is designed not only to enliven the street but to become an integrated part of the Sarasota streetscape itself.