compass hauS - Leed platinum
Longboat Key, Florida


The Compass Haus' vision was that of a minimalist structure, built beyond the code in terms of systems and performance. The goal was to create the home in such a way that we could reduce the dependency on human infrastructure and also reduce risks related to hurricanes and other storms.

The new residence is closely bounded by waterfront setback lines and is elevated one story to meet flood regulations. The design intent was to reconnect the elevated house to the exterior and take advantage of the waterfront views. The outward focused home unites the property as the architectural forms push and pull to define a series of exterior spaces. Due to the house being located on a peninsula, the interior spaces visually connect to the water on these sides.

The elevated pool interplays with the house and extends the visible exterior space beyond the setbacks. A roof terrace is accessed by an interior stair and provides a private outdoor area in close proximity to the water views.

The kitchen sits as the centerpiece of the home and the open plan is designed to connect kitchen to the entry, living, and dining areas. This design allows for these spaces to capture views of the pool and Sarasota Bay beyond. A distinctive modern stairway orchestrates the daily journey from public to private spaces with a playful curve and the use of solid wood treads. The exposed concrete wall supports the stairs and the roof will provide passive cooling through the use of thermal mass.

The landscape was critical to this project. Several of the larger species were in place and nursed to health during construction. The rest of the landscape was very intentionally set to lend scale and to soften the rigid forms of the architecture, all while ensuring that views were not obstructed, but enhanced. Only Florida -friendly, drought-tolerant plants were used and site permeability was maximized. Rain water on the site is managed through low-slope swales with “fluffed” earth to speed absorption and minimize bay impacts. A bay-friendly maintenance program is in place to help maintain the integrity of the local waterways.

Only Water Sense fixtures were used to conserve water. All of the roof run-off is plumbed for capture in cisterns located in the crawl space for use in irrigation.

This home is LEED Platinum Certified, EnergyStar Certified, EPA Indoor Air + Certified and Certified Zero Energy.


Architect: SOLSTICE Planning and Architecture
Builder: Josh Wynne Construction Management, LLC
LEED Certification: Two Trails, Inc.
Photography: Ryan Gamma