sarasota, florida

TreeTop House_Solstice

Situated on half an acre, this project was designed to reflect the owner’s desire for a minimalist home to both live and entertain. Set in a suburban neighborhood, the challenge was to maximize views of the adjacent creek while addressing the need for privacy.

The sequence of arrival begins by crossing the stepping stones that lead over the entry pool and fountain. Once inside, the main living areas unfold without ever losing a connection to the water. Walls and windows are purposefully oriented to provide privacy while opening up to the surrounding nature. Sliding glass doors, vistas down long corridors, and transom windows grant natural light throughout the course of the day.

The centrally located kitchen which opens to the dining and living room, features natural quartzite countertops and a glass-tile backsplash that continues the unembellished aesthetic. A distinctive modern stairway of solid cedar steps orchestrates the daily journey from public to private spaces upstairs while a playful landing overlooks the pool. To create natural cross ventilation, sliding glass doors disappear within the walls to create an unobstructed view towards the pool terrace on one side and an outdoor deck on the other. The living experience extends to the outdoors where wide overhangs and existing Mesic Hammock trees provide protection from the elements.

Advanced technologies such as smart home energy controls and electrochromatic glazing reduce energy usage and avoid the need for blinds. Green aspects include energy efficient windows, LED lighting, and Energy star appliances. A strategically insulated building envelope minimizes the use of air-conditioning and low-flow plumbing fixtures conserve water.

The result is a sustainable design where light and form work harmoniously with nature to enhance the site while remaining partner to its context.

Built by FHM Construction
Photography by Greg Wilson Group and Ryan Gamma