Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
Public Spaces Renovation
Sarasota, Fl


The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall on Sarasota Bay is a significant surviving example of late mid-century architecture. The design was carried out by William Wesley Peters, Chief Architect of Taliesin Associated Architects, the legacy firm of Frank Lloyd Wright. Since then, the Hall has been continuously modified from its original state with many adaptations leading to varying degrees of success. Now 2015, our goal was to carefully preserve the building’s architectural heritage while adapting the public areas to accommodate the needs of today’s performance spaces. The scope included a partial renovation of the interior public spaces. The result is sensitively executed in a manner where texture, color, and the user experience honors the original intent of Taliesin and Frank Lloyd Wright himself consisting of, “colors, contrasting, or merging; soft, subtle, iridescence varying to flaming splashes of violent brilliance." 

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